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Alnerthan is the world that refused to cease. Alnerthan, deemed unworthy of magic, has proved time and again that iit is on the same level of ither heavenly creations.

The story of Alnerthan is recorder through Ages Of Magic. These ages mark the handful of times a people of Alnerthan won their Magical Right or ascended to eternity.

But that is an archaic knowledge of archaic people. The current dwellers of Alnerthan care not for silly legends and long tales. They have enough on their hands as it is. Most of Alnerthan is populated by humans and half orcs. “Half-Orc” is a word invented many generations ago to respectfully refer to the descendants of the brutal invaders from the Outer Seas that destroyed Auld Civilization centuries ago. But, of course, Alnerthan is not without its minor settlers.

The most significant of these are Tieflings and Hobgoblins. Similarly to the Half-Orc’s case, Hobgoblins are just the descendants of the vile creatures known as Goblins from the Old Tales. Ironically, [tieflings are actually descendants from the proud humans who became isolated in the South and SouthEast centuries ago. There, they fought an epic war against the Eladrin, a noble but expansionist ยจUltramarine Race that met their doom in the hands of these burglars and skirmishers. While it is said some Eladrin heritage and blood still flows amongst the Tieflings, the Humans and their allies have never forgiven, as they may never do.

Main Page

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